What is Access Health

Access Health began as a community based not-for-profit organization developed to provide affordable, basic health coverage. Over the past 15 years Access Health has evolved to what it is today and will continue to improve and change.

Access Health offers a health coverage plan, C3 Health for local employers. We have realized that we cannot be modeled like other traditional health programs because we want to emphasize health improvement and empowerment, while maintaining fiduciary responsibility. We strongly believe in preventative care, education and empowerment. The C3 Health Plan has proven the success of integrating care coordination with its unique platform of health analytics to identify potential health risks. These risks can be managed through the collaborative efforts of the members, providers, and Access Health coaches.

Access Health also offers the Continuous Health Improvement (CHI) Program to members on the C3 Health Plan and through local employers who offer wellness programs to their employees and spouses. The cycle of continuous health improvement begins with a comprehensive risk analysis of data from medical and pharmaceutical claims, EMR, Health Risk Appraisals and biometrics. Using the analytics, health coaches work closely with the providers in developing the members' health improvement plans. Members are personally engaged throughout the process to ensure the success of maximizing their optimal health status. To help support our Mission, Vision and Goals we offer classes on healthy eating, stress management, Diabetic and Asthma, living with chronic diseases and many other health issues. We provide support for members in lifestyle issues such as weight reduction and smoking cessation, so members can achieve their optimal health. By engaging our members we hope to improve their long-term health. Healthier people contribute to a healthier community.

Access Health has begun working with local manufacturing employers to develop a Health Captive for self-funded insurance plans. The goal of the West Michigan Manufacturing Health Captive is to develop a cost effective and value based healthcare delivery for Muskegon Employers.

These are the core guiding principles:

  • The ability to influence quality and cost through value-based health plans
  • The use of a high-value network to achieve quality and cost effective outcomes
  • Provider reimbursements based on shared risks and savings (transition plan and dialog to move away from fee for service)
  • Employee engagement in personal health responsibility
  • Employer engagement in risk management of healthcare spending
  • Quantifiable ROI on healthcare investments by employers (Integrated data system and analytics)
  • Transparency to eliminate silos in the healthcare delivery system
  • Overall population health improvement for the workforce

Access Health serves as the third part administrator for claims payment, wellness program provider (CHI Program), population health risk and case management, chronic disease management, and pharmacy benefits.

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Vision Statement

Access Health will be the leader in community health improvement by 2017.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Access Health is to provide creative/innovative health and coverage solutions that drive affordable, high quality, excellent patient care experiences that lead to optimal health.

Core Values

The core values of Access Health are innovation, customer intimacy (quality of care), continuous improvement (affordability), and entrepreneurship. These values are reflected in our actions and our policies.