Small Changes

accesshealth-billboardMaking difficult, unrealistic changes to your lifestyle is no way to become healthier. It isn't fun, and often times, it doesn't even work. What does work are smaller changes. Here are a few simple things to try. Once you get into the habit, it gets easier and easier to focus on being a bit healthier each day.

  • Try a 6" sub instead of a footlong.
  • Don't finish the food your kids don't eat. Just toss it.
  • Don't "Supersize" your meal.
  • Try cutting back on a few cigarettes each day.
  • If you need drive-through, hit Subway or get a couple grilled chicken wraps instead of a burger and fries.
  • Get small fries instead of large.
  • Drink less soda, and when you need your fix, drink diet.
  • If you get hungry between meals, drink a big glass of water. Most of the time, your body is only thirsty, but your brain confuses it with hunger. (Really)
  • Get one of many free Apps for your phone to help you count calories, points, or anything else that helps you enjoy the foods you like in moderation. Some examples include "Lose It" or "Value Diary" for the iPhone.
  • Weigh yourself every day at the same time.
  • Eat low-calorie bread instead of regular bread. You can get it any grocery store for around the same price. Recommended: Aunt Millie's 35 calorie wheat bread.
  • Go for a walk each day if you can.
  • Do anything that gets your heart beating faster than normal for about 20 minutes straight.
  • Don't expect to see fast results. Be patient and stick to your plan.
  • Avoid fast food restaurants at all costs. (It's just too tempting!)
  • Pack a lunch instead of eating lunch out. It's cheaper, and usually healthier.


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