Employee Spotlight: David Nagel

Employee Spotlight: David Nagel

Believe it or not David found his passion for health in a childhood television show called The Magic School Bus. He was amazed by how the systems in the human body worked together. This sparked his curiosity in the extent of control we have over our bodies. He found it extraordinary how to get our systems/health to a place that allows us to live the life we want.

David’s interest in the choices we make as human beings and how we create circumstances for ourselves that allow health to enhance our life instead of distract us from it lead him to his current position as a Medical Informatics Specialist with Access Health.

A bit over three years ago, David went on a bike ride with the CEO of Access Health. During this bike ride, he learned about the Access Health model of community health improvement. This strong sense of community and drive to better the health of others that Access Health had intrigued him, so when the opportunity to become a part of the staff arose, he felt as though it was a no brainer.

David loves that he works for a company that is trying to make healthcare more affordable and accessible for those deeply burdened by traditional insurance. He also loves that Access Health has a highly specialized coaching staff to help members grab control of their health; they truly amaze him.

Outside of Access Health, David has an even bigger passion for guitar. It is his greatest joy in life. Currently, David is working through the art of Jazz Theory and Jazz Composition. To David Jazz is the pinnacle of musicianship and he hopes that maybe someday he will have the chance to sit in on and hang out with a group of talented Jazz artists.