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Access Health provides classes, programs, resources, and healthcare coverage to lead our community on a path toward healthier lifestyles. We know that being healthy isn't always easy, so our approach is to show you how to take small, realistic steps. Choose one of the following sections that's right for you.

For Community

If you don't already have Access Health, this section is for you. Access Health is for everyone. The Community section has information on how to manage your total health, from exercise to emotional strength. We also provide up-to-date information on Muskegon County's health rankings.

For Employers

This section is where employers can learn about our workplace wellness programs and $44 healthcare coverage options for your team. Studies show that healthy employees are more productive and on the job longer. Keep key employees around by offering better benefits.

For Members

This section is for our existing members. Access Health provides $44 healthcare coverage through your boss. If you're not a member, talk to your employer! If you are a member, here you can access a variety of health-related services, class calendars, and more.

For Providers

In this section, area providers can easily inquire about participation, access information on costs, coverage, and eligibility. Area providers make many of Access Health's programs and services possible!